Schumacher Packaging

production hall and high-bay warehouse | Germany | 48268 Greven
  • Client
    Schumacher Packaging
  • Completion
  • Project type
    production hall and high-bay warehouse
  • Location
    Germany | 48268 Greven
  • Production hall 25,000 m² of roof and 5,000 m² of wall, high-bay warehouse 90 x 60 x 30 m (L x W x H), 5,000 m² of area

  • Roof sealing, roof and wall construction of the two buildings with prefabricated “Domico System Elements” and finish with an additional, weatherproof outer cladding of sandwich panels or trapezoidal profiles

  • Construction speed, cost reduction, attractive appearance, durability and recyclable materials
  • A mineral wool core ensures fire protection and thermal insulation

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